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Meet PLB.

We provide professional financial brokering services for a variety of projects.

The entire team at Private Lending Brokers operate with a unified intention to help property developers bring their projects to life in a fast and efficient manner.

We are a group of professionals with broad and extensive experience in the Australian property and debt markets. This expanse of experience within our team includes: legal, accounting, financial brokering, property sales and property development. 

We are extremely proud of the fact that much of our business comes from repeat clients. Many of our property developer clients see us as their external finance team, engaging us on a deal-to-deal basis for each of their projects in their pipelines. 

Our high ratio of repeat clients is testimony to how much ewe value our relationships and the level of service we attach to each. 

Co-Founder and Director

Brett Macartney

Brett is a property industry icon, with over 20 years experience as a property industry professional. Brett holds a First Class Honours in Property Economics from UTS, Sydney.

Brett also holds a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.

0431 073 780

What We Value

We understand property developers better than most. This comes as a result of our business being very focussed and specialised. Property developers are our only client and therefore our entire business model is engineered around servicing property developer needs.

In working with countless property developers, we have created a business that sees our interests aligned with those of our property developer clients. Such interest alignment comes from a deep understanding of what property developers want and need.

Our business is guided by these values and we do not deviate from a strict adherence to them. 



We always strive to be 100% upfront, direct and honest with all stakeholders. This gives our clients a clear view into our operations and a high degree of confidence in working with us.



"Private Lending is Private" - this is a motto we take very seriously. We understand the commercial sensitivity of our clients' businesses and sites and always respect them.



Private Lending is all we do - that's something we're committed to. We don't work with banks or conventional financiers. This keeps us focused and razor sharp in the private sector.


Team Work

No loan is ever settled without the combined efforts of the PLB team. Through hard and directed work, our team excel at delivering outcomes.


Client Service

Every decision we make has our clients' interests at its core. In doing so, we strive to provide industry-leading service provision to our valued client partners. 



We're very proud of our high number of repeat clients - a testimony of our commitment to service. Through time, we have developed a mutually-loyal relationship with our clients. 

Our Story

Private Lending Brokers was formed and founded by our Directors Brett Macartney and Nathan Khoury, following years of independent experience in the private property debt markets. 

Brett and Nathan crossed paths in the debt markets and worked together on the development of a software platform that was a first-of-its-kind in the private lending industry in Australia. This software connected finance brokers to private lenders. 


This software saw Brett and Nathan study and analyse the private lending landscape in Australia - with specific focus on assessment of private lenders themselves. This process has given Brett and Nathan a unique insight into the private lenders that operate in Australia and their respective strengths.

Since launching Private Lending Brokers, and under the guidance of Brett and Nathan, our team has assessed over $1bn in property transactions across all Australian states and territories. 

Co-Founder and Director

Nathan Khoury

Nathan has previously worked closely with property developers and lenders in his previous capacity as a Solicitor in NSW, with a specialty on property advice and litigation.

Nathan operates as a specialist private lending broker and has previous property development experience.

0414 844 489

Meet The Team

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