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Our business relies on our private lender relationships.

Given our exclusive focus on private lending, we are very well regarded by private lenders on our panel, especially so given the volume of debt under our influence in the market. 

This brings with it a wealth of benefits that our clients benefit from, including: competitive terms, fast turnaround times, favourable term sheets and flexible terms. 

Our lender panel is made up of 30+ lenders, including:

Lender Panel


Investment Funds

With a well-established presence in the Australian debt markets, investment funds offer a bank-style level of experience, but with private lending flexibility, leverage and speed. 


Super Funds

For loans at least $20m in size, we can help facilitate access to superannuation-sourced funds. These funds are typically more competitive than investment funds and offer large loan limits and flexibility.


Family Offices

Typically used for smaller loans (under $5m), family offices are a good option for loans that require out-the-box thinking or a very specialised lending appetite. 


High Net Worth Funds

We have a select number of high net worth individuals who typically prefer to provide equity or secondary debt solutions to property developers. Min. ticket size: $10m.


ASX-Listed Funds

Institutional-style private lenders that are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Minimum loan size is typically $20m. 

Our Business

We are specialists in private lending. Private lending is all we do.

Our focus is 100% on private lending debt solutions for property developers. We don't offer any broking services for bank finance loans. 

Through this focus and determination to specialise, we are industry leaders in the private debt markets. 

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